The Netherlands based musician Mitchell Emmen started his solo project ‘Matt Se7en’ in 2019.

Creating music with the mindset “create what you want without any restrictions or rules” is what keeps him motivated to write whatever he wants. He started his Youtube channel back in 2009 when he was still studying music. Inspired by the late music icon Chester Bennington, he wanted to give it a shot and record covers of his favourite band Linkin Park. Recording videos of himself singing covers in his bedroom was a way to show followers you don’t need a fancy studio or pricey equipment to deliver decent covers and/or music. You just have to do some research and commit.

When it comes to guitar playing he is heavily influenced by melodic guitarist Neil Zaza and Dream Theater’s John Petrucci. Neil Zaza’s amazing melodies and John Petrucci’s riffs and speed made such an impact on him that it influenced his style of playing and song writing.

His goal is to make awesome music whenever and with whomever. Regardless of how popular an artist may be. Having fun, mixing styles and collaborating with talented artists.

He loves videogames, Disney and fantasy games such as Dungeons & Dragons, which are occasionally a subject in his music lyrically. ‘Keep You Alive’ is lyrically based on the popular videogame The Last of Us and ‘Somebody Else’ is about Alice in Wonderland.